People you never thought about admiring for obverse reasons than how you’ve come to know them!

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If you read the ‘Loving What You Do… Now Here’s A Guy:’ page you might have caught it. Who would think Thich Naht Hanh w20949716as a funny guy? My friend went to a retreat in Plum Village about ten years ago. The sweet figure of a little robed man, entered a large conference room to speak on ‘suffering being the means to happiness’. He had a Lotus Flower in his hands and he stood quiet for a moment. Then, he held it out to the crowded room announcing in his gentle voice; “Beautiful flower……, come from POOP!”.  We don’t really think about intellectuals or spiritual leaders as having a witty sense of humor, or one at all for that matter. I say, anyone who has put in the time to think and write with compassion, so that whomever he can touch will relate to it, channels this to some extent through their humor. You just have to read between the lines a little.

We certainly know that Charlie Chaplain was a funny guy, and a sad guy, but profoundly deep? Oh yeah!  Albert Einstein could be quite intellectually cheeky, but still, in his simple and concise manner of speech, he thought and spoke deeply with his inner being. John Lennon (-listen to Imagine”) was a silly, mischievous, as well as, a cynical guy for a real long time but only because he sought peace. Here is an interview Lennon gave after his quotes were misconstrued by the media, regarding the popularity of The Beatles & Jesus Christ and the impact it made on the public. -I grew up thinking, they were all that was… Oh Yeah, they were… -Was it a fluke then, serendipity as and how he achieved his peace? Then finally, the bud of enlightenment upon seeking his own peace, began transforming his ideology toward the world living as ‘one’ with peace…  and of course, to give it a chance. Well, his tragic death, as horrifying and painful as it was to the world then, led to more people understanding what ‘give peace a chance’ meant. Maybe it was the only way for his piece on peace to be proven positive and acknowledged.  Posthumously, he is revered as having manifested a great consciousness of peace that continues to pay forward worthy and worldly affects.

Many wouldn’t think…, but whose to know? How deep Alan Alda (of the hit 70’s series MASH) really is, and if so, why he’d be so ironically funny? Wouldn’t you think the same of zany Gene Wilder for that matter? Point being, human nature is a thrilling concept to rummage through as you dig into yourself, and observe others; investigating…, a great deal. What you find can be so unpredictable. Intellectual or rational, today? I have the right to change my mind tomorrow, to make sure I still have one, of course! Hmmm. All pretty fun for creative minds. As Steve Carell said in ‘Dinner For Schmucks’, You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not. Well, I (Andrea) am. “But I’m not the only one.”

No matter where you go, there you are. So, just remember, like these guys… loving what you do, changes everything.